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NEWS 18.07.2022

Caring for employee health. We are taking action – ASTA China sets up a gym

The success of contemporary enterprises not only requires core competitiveness, but also requires “core health capabilities”. People are the most valuable productive forces and valuing the physical health of employees is the cornerstone of a healthy development of every enterprise. ASTA China is well aware of the importance of “employee health” in the development of successful enterprises, and has set up a professional gym on the second floor of the office building.

The ASTA Gym is equipped with professional rowing machines, dumb-bells, barbells, kettle-bells, jump ropes, elastic ropes, jump boxes, massage rollers, pull-up racks, and other comprehensive fitness equipment. The entire venue can accommodate ten people to exercise simultaneously. Thomas Michenthaler, General Manager of ASTA China, guides the company’s employees to carry out professional exercises during his free time, constantly paying attention to each employee’s physical condition, correcting their exercise posture and adjusting the intensity of the courses in a timely manner. This enables employees to strengthen physical exercise, relax their tension and enjoy happy work in addition to busy work.



Our coach Thomas Michenthaler is waiting for the athletes to learn the beauty of Olympic Lifting.




Besides warming-up and body control, double-unders are the most efficient way to burn calories.




No pain – no gain!