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NEWS 18.10.2023

Our Little Bees make big projects, ASTA China brews “Sweet Career”

Within the ASTA universe there is a bright star, the ASTA China plant. ASTA China has been adhering to the green development path over the years and has created dazzling and leading results in the Chinese market.

ASTA China’s green development is reflected in the provision of green products for the transformation of green energy in the power transformer industry. Under the green trend and great changes in today’s automotive industry, we have taken action this year in the high-voltage motor platform for electric vehicles, breeding the most advanced production line for the industry.

Just like our tens of thousands of employees working hard outside – our Little Bees. Starting from this year, we aimed to build a garden like factory with blooming flowers. At the same time, our Little Bees also quietly moved in and fell in love with this place. Bees are very hardworking and busy, and under the leadership of the queen bee, the entire organization is very organized and efficient. ASTA employees have also learned these admirable spirits and excellent organizational methods from the bee society.



Our experienced beekeepers:

Thomas Michenthaler, General Manager of ASTA China

Lixiang, Production Manager of ASTA China



We are very delighted by watching the amber crystal honey slowly flowing. Like our ASTA epoxy, our ASTA honey became our product too, delivering joy and health to every customer and to everyone who enjoys green power energy.